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Want to get a grip and discuss how

to tackle or our,  hot topics Energy, 

Procurement & Supply Chain, 

Digitalization & Innovation, Security and Financing?

Our partners will share in their workshops their

experiences, inspirations and good


practice on how to manage (not only) the


ongoing global crises


The new EU-movement of Sustainable Transparency – between needs and limits of company reporting

Speaker: Prof. Frank Ebinger

Our world is becoming more complex, faster and more confusing. Current and impending crises on the one hand and scope and opportunities for action on the other require innovative solutions, structures, partnerships and ultimately decisions from us. Against this background, we want to discuss the new transparency requirements from the Green Deal, the EU Due Diligence Directive or the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive which may serve the basis and the means for a reorientation towards sustainability for companies.

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Building a resilient business model in times of crisis 

Speaker: Mark Elser


Europe has been hit hard by several crises in the last three years. And it is not over yet: soaring energy prices and shortages, inflation and worldwide conflicts negatively affect economies and companies alike. What do companies need to build a resilient business model in these difficult times? Mark Elser, Country Manager Germany iBanFirst, takes a closer look at various aspects like financing, supply chain management and hedging against currency risks. 

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Speaker: Dr. Kristina Soukupová

Cyber Security and Cognitive Warfare  


The way we view security has changed as of February 24 this year. We, as individuals, companies and societies are under attack in several domains. What can we do to stay resilient in the cyber and cognitive domains?

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Shaping Cross-border economic areas for a sustainable future 

Speaker: Tobias Runte

In the face of major global issues we want to find common ways to reshape cross-border cooperation and take it to the next level and push forward in a sustainable way.  Let´s take a closer look on further questions:   How can sustainable competitiveness be achieved?  What increases earnings growth in cross boarder cooperation and which circumstances are needed for “green growth”?  Is a primarily vertically oriented cooperation future proof?  What conditions must be in place to accelerate especial SMEs?  Create a scenario for a sustainable Future with us!

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Circular Economy and Decarbonisation

Speaker: Pavel Zedníček

The circular economy is an indispensable part of the decarbonisation of heavy industry, and a crucial enabler for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Circular strategies can reduce CO2eq. emissions in key industrial sectors in the EU by more than 60% over the next 25 years while saving up to 30% in investment and energy costs. CE should therefore receive the same share of attention and active support as other decarbonisation pathways linked to energy efficiency or breakthrough process technologies.

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Challenges and solutions for decarbonization in logistics and public transport

Speaker: Jan Kohlmeier, CEO, MAN Trucks and Buses

The right time for transformation to eMobility is now! What challenges await manufacturers and operators? What are the infrastructure investment needs?

Jan Kohlmeier.png

Energy efficiency for sustainable and resilient operations

Speaker: Jens Franke, Jan Trbušek, Radim Křístek, Martin Slanina

The ability to get by with less energy is the basis of companies' resilience today and is essential for achieving carbon neutrality.

In this workshop, you will embark on a journey of discovery where you will encounter unique strategies and solutions that can significantly reduce energy consumption in industrial and building operations. Carbon neutrality does not only apply to production and buildings, but to the entire supply chain, including corporate fleet – a net zero strategy of the company's fleet will be presented.

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Artifical Intelligence as a practical mean of profit booster in turbulent times

Speakers: Ondřej Vaněk, Tomáš Soudský, Pavel Hait

Artificiall Intelligence (AI) is becoming less of a buzzword and more of a practical technology, penetrating daily business more and more. What are the current and near-future AI applications and trends? How could those trends influence both strategy and operations of large businesses? What should senior executives be aware of? Description of selected success stories will be provided, as well as space for discussion of your considerations over AI usage in your business.

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High Performance Center TranTech and its cross-border research activities

Speakers: Prof. Sebastian Scholz, Fraunhofer IWU Zittau

The German-Czech High-Performance Center for transdisciplinary system research and transfer (HPC TransTech) focuses on innovative, sustainable and economical solutions in the areas of highly flexible, smart and integrated process chains, combined additive processes, sustainable plastic and lightweight construction technologies. 
The main goals of the German-Czech high-performance center "TransTech" are the promotion of transdisciplinary systems research and cross-border technology transfer in both directions of the border and to open up hard-to-reach market potentials in Germany and the Czech Republic.
The international cooperation focuses on research and development in the areas of "Transdisciplinary Industry 4.0 technologies for resilient and sustainable value chains" and "Function-integrating 3D printing and lightweight construction technologies". 
Within the workshop, you will get a closer look inside TransTech and its cross-border research activities.

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